The Benefits of Taking Risks

The benefits of children having opportunities to explore and take a positive approach to risks in play are widely identified as a key part of a child’s development. Play Scotland has captured the views of The Care Inspectorate, Health and Safety Executive and the Scottish Government on managing Risky Play.

What the professionals say about Risky Play

At Willow Den skilled practitioners support risky play by supporting children to challenge themselves in many different ways:

  • Physically – by climbing a tree, running a little faster or jumping that little bit higher
  • Emotionally – feeling scared but overcoming their fear
  • Mentally – learning how to problem solve, learning boundaries and that of the environment around them. 

Safety: Legislative and regulatory requirements

All early learning and childcare providers in Scotland are required to register with the Care Inspectorate. The Care Inspectorate looks at the quality of care for every care service in Scotland to ensure it meets high standards. All Willow Den nurseries are regularly inspected by the Care Inspectorate.

Other ways that we maintain a safe learning environment include: 

  • Hiring competent and qualified staff who have extensive training in outdoor learning 
  • Adopting safe recruitment practices
  • Implementing appropriate operating policies and procedures, 
  • Mitigating risk through assessment 
  • Providing children with managed opportunities to take risks 
  • First aid trained staff 
  • Emergency and contingency procedures are specific to each setting.