Who are Willow Den?

Founded by Inspiring Scotland, Willow Den offers fully outdoor nursery provision for children aged 3 years and not yet at primary school. Registered with the Care Inspectorate we offer high-quality play, education, and learning opportunities using the outdoors as a key part of your child’s learning experience. Your child will have fresh air and active play, every day.

Willow Den Scotland is a fully outdoor nature-based early learning and childcare (ELC) organisation. Our nurseries are designed for children aged 3 years and not yet at primary school and are located in a range of locations across Scotland. Willow Den measures its achievements through its sustainable profit-for-purpose model, and its social impact.

Willow Den Scotland’s mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of children in Scotland through access to fully outdoor Early Learning and Childcare.

Our Nurseries

We want every child in Scotland to have the choice to attend an outdoor nursery. Willow Den creates opportunities for this to happen in the heart of communities so that children can play and learn near to where they live, developing a real sense of ‘place.’

Each Willow Den nursery is unique, connecting children to the outdoors whether it’s in the middle of a city, a local beach or a country park. 

Willow Den at The Falkirk Wheel, ScotDrone, June 2023

Our Aims

Rewild Childhood

Connecting children to nature and our planet in the place where they live

Improve Health

To improve health, wellbeing, and attainment so that children in Scotland can thrive

A great place to work

Where employees are valued, well paid, and everyone’s voices are heard 

Grow Willow Den

So that more parents can choose an outdoor early learning experience for their child

Inspiring Scotland’s
Thrive Outdoors

Inspiring Scotland strives for a Scotland without poverty or disadvantage. Inspiring Scotland works with people, their communities, charities and public bodies to develop solutions to some of the deepest social problems. 

Willow Den was founded by Inspiring Scotland so that more children in Scotland can play and learn outdoors. Willow Den furthers the work of Inspiring Scotland’s Thrive Outdoors Team who are working with communities, charities, schools, outdoor organisations and public bodies to support collaboration, innovation and development in outdoor play and learning, sharing best practice and supporting research to promote better understanding of the importance of outdoor play.

Outdoor play is a life-enhancing experience and together we want all of Scotland’s children to thrive outdoors.

Join our Team

We are looking for outstanding individuals to join our energetic team at Willow Den. Take a look at our latest openings.

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“Teaching children about the natural world should be treated
as one of the most important events in their lives.”

Thomas Berry

Fees & Funding

At Willow Den, we are committed to ensuring that every child has the opportunity and access to affordable, high-quality learning and education. Click here to find out more about our fees and funding. 


You probably have lots more questions, and we would really like the chance to answer these. We’ve compiled a handy list, to give you an idea of the Willow Den experience.

Governance & Policies

We regularly review and update our policies and procedures in order to maintain the highest standard of professionalism and safety. 

Our Investors

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