Snack and Meal Time Procedures 

HSCS: 1.33, 1.35, 1.37, 1.38, 2.21 

At Willow Den we are committed to providing healthy, nutritious and delicious meals and snacks which meet individual requirements. Mealtimes and snack times are treated as an opportunity for us to socialise as a group and have happy, positive interactions with each other. Refer to the Food and Nutrition Policy for further details. 

The snack time and meal time procedure is as follows: 

  • Snack and lunch times will take place in our designated dining area (in the Dugouts), unless other arrangements to enhance children’s interests or for outings have been made. Refer to Campfire Cooking Procedures if cooking on the campfire. 
  • Staff member on the Garden (snack) role will be responsible for setting up the dining area and providing the dishes and utensils needed.  They will also double check dietary requirements and allergies of children present. 
  • Garden (snack) role staff member will ensure they work with kitchen staff to get food out. Hot food will be kept in a hot holding facility in the grey kiosk next to the Dugouts. 
  • Children will be encouraged to help prepare snacks wherever possible.  
  • Children will wash their hands before sitting down to a meal or snack (refer to Handwashing Procedure).  Hand wipes will be available if children are offsite with no access to running water. Once back on site, regular hand washing will resume. Refer to Water and Hand Hygiene Policy. 
  • Using the food probe, Garden (snack) role staff member will ensure food taken out of the hot holding facility reads 63c or above. Food will then be cooled before serving to the children to ensure good hygiene and to ensure the children do not burn themselves. Temperatures will be recorded at each mealtime and records maintained accordingly.  
  • All staff will ensure meal times are social and relaxed, and will use it as an opportunity for discussion, reflection or to read a book. 
  • Children will be encouraged to feed themselves using appropriate cutlery. 
  • Once the children are finished, they will be encouraged to scrape their plate and stack the dishes ready for cleaning. 
  • After mealtimes, the children will be supported to wash their hands and face at the handwash station/sink using running water and disposable wipes/paper towels. 
  • All staff will ensure that any child’s wet or dirty clothes are wiped or changed as appropriate. 
  • Garden (snack) role staff member will clear the dining area and take dishes to the kitchen. No food will be left lying out. 
  • Garden (snack) role staff member will load and run the dishwasher after mealtimes. Dishes will be put away clean and dry for the next meal or snack time.