Boundaries and Safety  

HSCS 5.16, 5.17, 3.25, 2.25

Each Willow Den ELC Setting has designated space for the nursery, there are some areas we share with other people using the host facility. We have a risk assessment to manage the safe use of spaces. 

Boundaries at Spartans CFA: 

  • The ground is secured by a perimeter fence and there is only one main entrance to the nursery which is open during the Spartans CFA operating hours. 
  • The side gates only operate on football match days. 
  • We have a designated gate to the woodland area we play in, and we will always be vigilant of this exit, ensuring staff are monitoring the children as they play in this area. 
  • In the woodland area, there is a natural boundary at the top of the hill consisting of trees, foliage and dead hedge. We place orange markers around the boundary line to make this more visible. All children will be aware of this as a boundary. 

Boundaries at The Falkirk Wheel

  • There are no fixed boundaries or lockable entrances at The Falkirk Wheel
  • The cabin: Children are not allowed to exit the front of the cabin without an adult
  • We use orange markers to designate safe zones. The children are aware of these as a boundary.

Staff will ensure: 

  • Name checks take place regularly and will always be aware of where the children are on the site. 
  • Effective and consistent communication between members of the team via walkie-talkies and mobile phone (if needed). 
  • They are visible to the children and always on hand to observe and support the children. 
  • Children are supported to risk assess and understand how and why we need to keep ourselves safe. 
  •  We have the correct ratios of adults to children so we can manage our boundaries well and with confidence (1:6). 

At Willow Den, keeping the children safe is paramount. Staff will use some basic safety codes daily when risk assessing with the children. Repeating these codes before each session helps create a culture of children who are confident in understanding potential risks. 

Basic safety codes: 

  • Don’t go past the orange markers/orange bows. The orange marker means STOP
  • Don’t talk to people we do not know or try to play with dogs
  • If a dog runs near us, we STOP and hide our fingers, walk away slowly towards an adult. 
  • If you can’t see a teacher, then we can’t see you. 

These codes are basic and will be added to when necessary. The children will be a part of the discussions around safe boundaries in order that they can fully understand what is safe and what is not, and that they feel included in any of these decisions about where they can play for the day. 

Emergency evacuation 

If we must gather in the event of an emergency, we will gather at our designated assembly points and inform parents/carers, once we are there. Emergency procedures are also found on our website and available from the manager/staff on site. 


We will ensure we are aware of who is on site each day, following the Visitor Procedure. You can find this in our policies and procedures available on our website or through the nursery manager and staff.