Confidentiality Policy

This policy is written in accordance with the Care Inspectorate guidance Records that all registered care services (except childminding) must keep and guidance on notification reporting  1 

At Willow Den Scotland we recognise that the safety and wellbeing of children and families is of paramount importance. All information, verbal or written, will be treated confidentially and the privacy of those involved in the service will be respected.  

Children, families and staff working within the setting and systems will be in place regarding the sharing and storage of this information. Parents will be able to share information in confidence knowing it will only be used to enhance the welfare of their children.  

The protection and safety of children is something we are required to comply with by law. This is stated within the National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2 and explained fully within our Child Protection Policy. Staff have a duty to report and share relevant information where there are concerns about the safety of a child. Families will be made aware of this on enrolling their child to the setting. 

Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) 

The Data Protection Act controls how personal information is used and certain principles must be followed regarding information. 

● Information must be used fairly and lawfully 

● Information must be used for limited, specifically stated purposes 

● Information must be used in a way that is adequate and relevant 

● Information must be accurate 

● Information must be kept safe and secure and kept for no longer than absolutely necessary. 

Records and Storage of Records 

To ensure the smooth running of the setting we keep a variety of records including health  and safety records, financial records, employment records of staff, students and volunteers and development plans. We also keep records of the children including: 

● Personal Records 

● Developmental Records 

Personal Records will record information including registration and consent forms, contact information, correspondence from other agencies regarding the child and or family, health issues and any other, relevant, confidential information. These records are securely stored within our online drive. Parents will have access to their own child’s file. 

Developmental Records may include samples of the children’s work, photographs, observations of the child’s progress in the setting and any other relevant information pertaining to the child’s progress. These records are usually kept online or on site, and can be accessed and contributed to by children, staff and parents. Parents will only have access to their own child’s records. 

All information regarding children and /or their families will be accurate and up to date and shared only with the appropriate personnel. Each child’s personal records concerning information relating to medical matters, child protection matters, additional support needs will be retained for a ten year period and safely disposed of by shredding, pulping or burning. In collecting, holding and processing personal data the setting complies with current Data Protection rules and guidance. 

Staff Records 

All issues regarding the employment and management of staff are confidential to the people directly involved i.e. the staff member and those involved in making the decisions. 

Staff will have their own personal record containing relevant information and they will have access only to their own personal record.  

Records will be kept securely on the Atlas system and relevant access will be given only to those personnel on a needs basis.   

Records will be regularly reviewed and information no longer required will be stored, removed or archived in accordance with relevant legislation.  

Any personal information regarding a member of staff will not be passed to another person without their prior knowledge and consent. Information regarding an individual’s performance  will be confidential as will any disciplinary or grievance matters in which they are directly  involved. Any breach of these procedures investigated may result in disciplinary action.