Outdoor vs indoor – why outdoor nursery is a great learning environment

When children are starting out at Willow Den, parents often want to know whether they will learn as much as they do at a mainstream nursery. Well in this blog, we’re excited to share why learning in an outdoor nursery isn’t just as good as indoor nursery – it’s even better!

1. Nature’s Classroom

At Willow Den, nature isn’t just a backdrop; it’s our classroom and our playground. From counting pinecones to identifying bird songs, every twig, leaf, and puddle is a lesson waiting to be discovered.

2. Creative play

In our beautiful outdoor nursery setting the children aren’t confined to four walls; they’re free to roam, explore and discover. Whether it’s building fairy houses, tracking animal footprints, or simply basking in the beauty of nature, every day is an adventure and the simplicity of it encourages children’s creativity to shine.

3. Communication skills

We see children’s communication come on immeasurably at Willow Den. When children are in the outdoors, they can clearly hear the voices of the people around them, which enables their speech and language to develop faster than when they are in noisy indoor settings.

4. Curriculum focus

The activities at Willow Den are a combination of child-led free play and practitioner-led activities, designed to support the curriculum for excellence and ensure your child has all the necessary key skills they need to thrive at school or through home-schooling.

5. Sensory Play

Forget playdough and shaving foam, at Willow Den we engage all five senses with natural materials. The scent of wildflowers, the sound of rustling leaves, and the feel of soft moss beneath little fingertips. From squishing mud to tasting freshly picked berries, every sensory experience is a gateway to learning and discovery.

5. Environmental Ethos

At Willow Den, we are passionate about instilling a love and respect for nature from a young age. By learning and playing in the great outdoors, our little adventurers develop a deep connection with the natural world and become champions of conservation and sustainability.

At Willow Den, we believe that a healthy dose of fresh air, sunshine, and greenery is the best prescription for happy, healthy children, and that that learning in an outdoor nursery isn’t just as good as indoor nursery – it’s even better!

Many parents choose to use their child’s 1140 hours funding for Willow Den or split the funding with a mainstream nursery. We will support you with this!

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