Thriving outdoors whatever the weather

One of the most common questions we get asked by parents when they are considering fully outdoor nursery is “what happens when the weather is bad?”. It’s a fair question, but in our experience the hesitation seems to from the parent, not the child!

We’re no strangers to unpredictable Scottish weather. While it would be easy for us to paint the picture of idyllic summer days, that’s certainly not always the reality. In this blog, we’ll explain how we set ourselves up to ensure the children are safe and happy, even when the weather is bad.

Sheltered Spaces

Firstly, children love the rain if they’re prepared for it. Rain transforms the space, and they love jumping in puddles and playing in mud. But when it gets heavy our outdoor nursery transforms into a haven of sheltered spaces and cosy nooks. With a combination or permanent shelters and temporary tarpaulins, we provide plenty of refuge from the elements. Here, children can still engage in outdoor play and exploration, protected from wind and rain.

Waterproof Gear

At Willow Den, we believe there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. That’s why we equip our little explorers with high-quality waterproof gear, including jackets and trousers. We can advise on the best gloves and boots too, and how to layer up for success. With the right attire, children can splash in puddles, dig in the mud, and embrace the wet weather with enthusiasm. They even learn what they need to pack to be prepared, and how to take responsibility for their own kit.

Creative Indoor Activities

On particularly stormy days, we can use our portacabin to get creative with indoor activities that bring the spirit of outdoor play indoors. From nature-inspired arts and crafts to sensory play with natural materials, there’s no shortage of ways to keep little minds engaged and hands busy, even when the weather keeps us indoors.

Embracing All Weathers

Rather than viewing bad weather as a hindrance, we see it as an opportunity to witness weather up close. Stormy skies, gusty winds, and pounding rain provide an amazing sensory experience.

Safety First

While we believe in the benefits of the outdoors, safety is always our top priority, especially during bad weather. Our staff are trained to assess weather conditions and make informed decisions to ensure the well-being of all children in our care; whether it’s seeking shelter from a sudden downpour or adjusting activities to suit changing conditions.

Many parents choose to use their child’s 1140 hours funding for Willow Den or split the funding with a mainstream nursery. We will support you with this!

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